501c3 Nonprofit Organization.

Public Charity

Flowers Ministries, Inc. is a public charity that has provided food, shelter, and clothing to thousands of families over 21 years. In addition, we are now helping other non-profits become more successful through our non-profit charity development and training center.

Senior Staff

JL Flowers, President/CEO

Tyisha Barker, Esq.–General Counsel

Elizabeth Mosley, CFO

Danyell Flowers, VP of Public Relations

Tonya Holmes, VP of Charleston, SC

Damien Barker, Regional VP

Fernando Camacho, Jr., VP of Operations Manager

1995: Flowers Ministries, Inc. was originally established in Aiken-Barnwell counties in South Carolina as a faith-based ministry.

1999: Services expanded to the state of Augusta, Georgia.

2004: Corporate office established in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2007: Incorporated to become a 501c3 charity

2008: Montgomery, Alabama offices were established.

2008: Charleston, South Carolina offices were established.

2008: Operational offices established in the city of Columbia, South Carolina and became the central hub for the state and surrounding counties.

2010: Raleigh, North Carolina offices were established

2012: Regional offices opened in Arlington, VA

2012: Offices opened in Richmond/Chester, VA areas and Virgina Beach, VA.

Donations Accepted
As a public charity, your donations, bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts are tax-deductible.
Individuals, families, corporations, foundations, non-profit organizations, trusts and estates are eligible to make donations. We accept the following:

• Cash
• Bonds
• Real Property
• Private Securities
• Mutual Fund Shares
• Publicly Traded Securities
• Life Insurance Policies
• Tangible Personal Property
• Trust Assets & Estate Assets

• Retirement Assets (IRAs, retirement plans, etc.)
• Business Interests (non-publicly traded or closely held stock, partnership interests, etc.)

Contact us for more information on how to donate to our public charity.